2016 SectionCompanyProducts
Walker Pavilion Elizaeth Allen  
Section G Robert Brown Food Vendor
Walker Pavilion Graham Buckle Whips
Walker Pavilion Natalie Buckle Wool etc
Walker Pavilion Kaye Byrne football scarves and hats
  Nyngan RSL Club  
Section D F&W Royden Donahue Entertainment
Section D - F & W Scott Dorman Organic Wines
Walker Pavilion Jannise Hunter Next to Jan Harker
Wye Pavilion Fiona Larkings Jewellery
Section D Gary Lawrence DVDs
Section B Dennis & Olive O'Brien Wind chimes
Section E Bill & Narea Piper Garden
Section J - Show'n'Shine Michelle Rowley  
Section F Andrena Smith Art
Walker Pavilion Kerry Walsh Near Lavender
Section G 1925 Creations Photo Booth
Walker Pavilion 2WEB Radio Radio
Section H A & B Plastic Welding plastic Welding
Section K - Machinery AgAerial Images On Rural Fertiliser Stand/Drones
Section C AGL Energy Ltd Energy/Naming Sponsor
Section F AGnVET Services Ag products
Wye Pavilion All Saints College Education
Section B Andonbel Alpacas Alpacas & products
Section B Anima Antics Custom Made leather craft
Section J Animal Farm Animal Farm
Section F - Sheep Annalara White Dorpers Dorpers
Section I Antique Engines Antique engines
Wye Pavilion Aquamax Australia water filters
Section K - Machinery Aquawest Pumps & Irrigation
Section E ARB Dubbo ATV"s
Section B Artwerx/Kitchen Gadgets Kitchen - Knife sharpener/kleva sharpener
Section D F&W Aussie Country Catering Food
Section G Aussie Rural Rural products
Section F - Sheep Ballatherie Poll Merino Stud Poll Merinos
Section B Bellechemise Bags
Section K - Machinery Bert Lister Machinery Augers
Section F - Sheep Bindaree Border Leicesters Border Leicesters
Walker Pavilion Black Cat Crafts  
Section J Bogan Bush Mobile Kids Entertainment
Section C Bogan Shire Council  
Section F Boxdale Dorpers
Section H Browns Catering Food Vendor
Section F Bushmans Tanks  
Wye Pavilion Calrossy Anglican School Education
Section K - Machinery Caravans & Trailers Caravans & Trailers
Section F Carter, Lindsay & Weber Livestock marketing
Section A Central West Farming Systems Advisory service
Section E CF Moto Bikes With ARB
Section K - Machinery Chesterfield Aust Farm Machinery
Section D - F & W Chilli Festive Chilli products
Section E Choice Shearing Equipment With COGGIN
Section H Clear Water Tanks Tanks
Section E Cobar Chooks Chooks
Section K - Machinery Coffee/Ice Cream Van 1 Coffe vendor
Section H Coffee/Ice Cream Van 2 coffee vendor
Section E Coggan Wool  
Walker Pavilion Come in Spinner Craft books/wool sales
Wye Pavilion Cooinda Kids Kids Clothing
Section B Country All Over Gift ware
Section E Cunningham Homes Home
Section J - Show'n'Shine D C Tints Window tinting
Section F - Sheep Darriwell Merino Stud Merinos
Section C Datamars  t/a  Zee Tags Aust Ear Tags
Section D F&W Delectables Coffee/cakes
Section H Delta Ag Ag products
Section E Devs Tupperware
Section E Dev's Outback Art Recycle art
Section B Dippin Dot Icecream Ice Cream
Section G Dog Gear Dog coats
Section G Dogmaster Dog Trainng systems
Section F - Sheep Dorper Society Australia Dopers
Walker Pavilion Dotera Essential Oils Essential Oils
Section K - Machinery Dubbo City Motorcycles Motor Bikes
Section H Dubbo Mowers and Chainsaws Mowers/Chainsaws
Section I Dubbo Vintage Truck and Tractor Show Antique engines
Section K - Machinery Duncan Stock Crates Stock Crates
Section A Dust n Boots 12m x 10m/Work wear/Swags
Section D F&W Dutch Proffertjes & Coffee Dutch mini pancakes/coffee
Section E Edgerton Nursery Pots etc
Section F Egelabra Merino Stud Merinos
Section C Elders Ag
Cattle Eltham Limousins Cattle
Section B Emu Logic Emu products
Section F - Sheep Eudora Stud Sheep
Section A Everything Welding Welding
Wye Pavilion Ewe Two Clothing Womens fashion
Section F - Sheep F S Falkiner & Sons T/A Aust Food & Agriculture Wanganella & Poll /Boonoke
Section K - Machinery Farm Tender online buying and selling Service
Section B Fifth Avenue Collection Jewellery
Wye Pavilion Fiona Larking Jewellery
Section A Fish River Creation Metal Art Signs/
Wye Pavilion Gateway Gifts 2 Sites
Section K - Machinery Geronimo Farm Equipment Farm Machinery
Not Exhibiting Glenn Smith Contract Shearing  
Section C Grain Corp Grain storage
Section F - Sheep Grathlyn Sheep Stud
Section B Green Fleece Socks/ugg boots
Section F - Sheep Gullendah Merino & Dohne Stud Merino & Dohne
Section F - Sheep Gullengamble Merino Stud Merino
Section K H E Silos Silos
Section F - Sheep Haddon Rig Merino Stud Merinos
Section K - Machinery Hartwigs Trucks Trucks
Section F - Sheep Hawley, Ron Sheep Stud
Section K - Machinery Healy Group Lyco Loader, a manually operated tailgate loader,
Section K - Machinery Horsley Wholesale Post driver/wire strainer
Section K - Machinery Inland Petroleum Petrol
Section J Ivan's Jumping Castles Jumping Castle
Section F - Sheep J A McLaughlin Partnership Sheep Stud
Wye Pavilion Juice Plus 1/2 site
Section G K B Handbags and Soy Candles Handbags/candles
Section E Kakadu Outdoors Leather
Section F - Sheep Kelly Wongarbon'' Sheep Stud
Section F - Sheep Kerin Poll Merinos
Section F - Sheep Kinella Stud/Patterson Investmnt Sheep Stud
Not Exhibiting Land Newspaper  
Section G Landmark  
Section D Lawrence, Gary Books/dvd
Section F - Sheep LJ & VA Wykes Sheep Stud
Section C Local Land Service/Central West CMA  
Section F - Sheep Lone Pine Merinos merinos
Section K - Machinery Luke Cross Engineering & Rigging Engineering
Section F MacDonald & Co Woolbrokers Wool Broker
  MacKillop College See attached
Section F - Sheep Marocara Dorsets Dorsets
Walker Pavilion Mary Kay Cosmetics
Not Exhibiting MGH Accounting
Section K - Machinery Michell Machinery Farm Machinery
Section D Mr Nicecream Ice Creams
Section F - Sheep Mt View Stud/SA & EM Woodley Sheep Stud
Section F - Sheep Mullengudgery PL Merinos
Section F - Sheep Multi Purpose Merinos Merinos
Section F - Sheep Mumblebone Merino Stud Merinos
Section J - Show'n'Shine Narromine Car Club Show 'n' Shine
Section K - Machinery NDF Ag Machinery Plow Discs
Section F - Sheep New Armartree Border Leicesters Border Leicesters
Wye Pavilion Niagara Therapy MASSAGE CHAIRS
Section E Nick Nack Gallery Hats/Belts
Section F NSW Farmers Assn Advisory
Section J - Community NSW Fire Brigade Community
Section E Nyngan Auto Towing & Farm Equipment Ag Products
Wye Pavilion Nyngan CEF Education
Wye Pavilion Nyngan High School Education
Section I Nyngan Mens Shed Community/Waste to Art display
Walker Pavilion Nyngan Museum Community Heritage
Not Exhibiting Nyngan Newsagency  
Section K - Machinery Nyngan Pet & Stock Feeds Pet & Stock Feed
Not Exhibiting Nyngan RSL  
Section H Nyngan Rugby League BBQ
Section D - F & W Nyngan Rugby League Bar
Section J - Community Nyngan Rural Fire Brigade Community
Section G Nyngan Toyota Vehicles
Section K - Machinery Orreco P/L Farm Machinery
Section A OSM Transportables portables/port loos
Section E Outback Floats And Trailers Floats & Trailers
Section H Outwest Pumps & Irrigation Pumps & Irrigation
Section F - Sheep Overland Merinos Merinos
Section G Parisi Motorcycles Motor Cycles
Section F - Sheep Parkdale Merino Stud/Central Merino Breeders Merinos
Wye Pavilion Picton Bros Spanline Spanline
Section E Piper, Bill & Narea Garden Ornaments
Section F - Sheep Raby Stud Merinos
Walker Pavilion Rapt Naturally Womens
Section K - Machinery Recharge Battery Revitaliser Battery recharging system
Section K - Machinery Red River Stockyards Yards
Section G Redline Trailers Trailers
Section B Rells Mystique Bags
Section D F&W Robert Oatley Vineyards Wines
Walker Pavilion Royal Far West Community
Section D F&W Royden Don Entertainment
Walker Pavilion Rural Adversity Mental Health Programme Mental Health info
Section E Rural Directions Agribusiness/Grain marketing Servies
Section K - Machinery Rural Liquid Fertiliser Liquid Fertiliser
Section K - Machinery Sales Direct Home / Home and Garden / Brush Cutters
Section D F&W Salt, B W & M J Fudge
Section D Salt, Baryy and Marg Fudge
Walker Pavilion Serendipity Lavender Lavender Products
Section J - Show'n'Shine Show & Shine Show'n'Shine
Section H Solar Pump Solutions Solar Pumping
Section D - F & W Spuddy Buddy Food
Section K - Machinery St Mark Anglican Church Nyngan BBQ
Section E Stewiechicks Toys
Section E Sweet 'n' Sour European fruit Licorice Lollies
Section F - Sheep Tambua Poll Merino Stud Merinos
Section D - F & W Tamburlaine Organic Wines Organic Wine
Section F - Sheep Tattykeel Pty Ltd Sheep Stud
Section I Taylor Made Buildings P/L Kit Homes
Wye Pavilion The Armidale School Education
Cattle The Ranch Poll Herefords Herefords
Wye Pavilion The Scotts School Education
Section C Three Rivers Machinery Farm Machinery
Section D - F & W Tilleys Wines Wines
Section A TKG Borg P/L Off Road lighting
Section F Tony Walsh Sheep Pregnancy Scanning Sheep pregnancy testing
Section E Torqpoint Tools Tools
Section F - Sheep Towalba Merino Stud Merinos
Section K - Machinery Tracserv Pty Ltd Farm Machinery
Section I True Blue Goo P/l Tyre fix it
Section K - Machinery Trufit Shelves & Shade Sheds Pallet racking/shelving/Transportable shade shedsi
Section D F&W Two Furlongs Wines Ports
Section B Waihemo Holdings Fashion
Cattle Waitara Angus Stud Angus Beef
Section F - Sheep Weealla Stud Sheep Stud
Section D Wellington Mowers & Chainsaws Mower & Chainsaws
Section K - Machinery Western Ard Points  
Section K - Machinery Western Farm Machinery Farm Machinery
Section F Western Rivers Veterinary Group Vet Services
Section D Western Wardrobes Wardrobes
Section F - Sheep Westray SAMM Sheep Stud
Section F White Rural  
Section E Wombine Nursery Plants and seedlings
Section E Wombine Nursery Plants
Section D F&W Woodfired Pizza Guy Pizza
Section F - Sheep Woodpark Poll Merino Stud Merinos
Section A Woolerina Fashion
Section G Workcover NSW Advisory service
Secion D WorkwearFor Women  
Section F - Sheep Wyuna Merino Stud Merinos
Section D Young creative Farms Educational toys